When it came time to look for a preschool for my son, I asked around for recommendations. New Horizons was highly recommended by many people. I looked at other preschools then visited New Horizons. I knew as soon as I walked into the school that my son was going to be enrolled. You just got that feeling that Miss Linda (the Director) as well as all the teachers, love what they do and care so much about teaching. They really put the children first and focus on each child's individual needs. They provide a great foundation of learning. My son was well prepared for kindergarten. My second son is now enrolled and has already learned so much. Much thanks to Miss Linda and her staff. 

- Lori G

My husband and I have two children; ages 7 and 4. We have had both of our children (sons) enrolled in New Horizons Preschool. Our oldest son attended the preschool for 2 1/2 years before entering kindergarten. On his account he thoughly enjoyed his preschool years. He has made many good friends of which he still maintains their friendships, even though they have gone on to attend public schools in different school districts. At 7 years old he still loves to go back and visti New Horizons. He loves to walk through the doors and wander down the hallways and sayhello to all the teachers who took time to teach and nurture him. His visits help him to remember his days while attending the school and looking back at all the fun he had. He had no idea that all of that fund was New Horizons' way of preparing him for elemetary school.

Presently, we have our 4 year old enrolled. We punctually started his enrollment at age 2 instead of 3 as we did our older son. Since we were already familiar with the school and had such a comfort level, we were more than happy to start him two mornings a week at that young age. He is now in a class called the "Explorers" which is a perfect name for it. Our son wants to explore everything and anything. He can't wait to get out of the house every morning and go to "his school".   He is so enthused about his days and helps co-pilot the ride in because he doesn't want to be late and miss anything that his teacher has the children doing. As a matter of fact most days he stays at school for the offered lunch hour so he can have lunch with his friends and socialize. When I go to pick him up he runs to me and hugs me and tells me that he has had a great day and it was FUN. Since starting this school year in early September, he already has shown a major improvement with all of his skills. I hear him counting out loud constantly, and telling me which letters start words for items and singing songs that he has learned in class. I can only say that the sky is the limit with both of my children's ability to gain knowledge thanks to a great preschool experience.

I have already spoken of both of our children's experiences and enjoyment while attending New Horizons and now I want to express my feelings. My husband and I are 100% satisfied with New Horizons. Before enrolling our oldest son in this school, we visited 8 other schools. I can tell you without hesitation that New Horizons was the last preschool that we visited and interviewed. We fell in love with the school from the first moment that we walked through the doors. We are fortunate that we are not in need of daycare, but a true preschool: and that ids what New Horizons is. All of the classrooms are filled with new and bright educations materials and the teachers are completely qualified to teach not only the necessary educational tools needed to prepare children for elementary school, but they are wonderful nurturers. The teachers are warm and loving and they truly love their jobs. When teaching preschool, teachers need to deal with more than the ABC's and 123's. They have to help these young people to enter into the world. They have to teach them to be kind and patient to others and how to get along with their friends and neighbors. For most of these children it is the first time being exposed to "strangers" and people away from their families. I can definitely say that New Horizons Preschool teachers do a great job and succeed at all of that. Lastly, I would like to say a word about the director of the preschool; Linda Dell'Olio...Miss Linda. This woman has always put forth a tireless effort towards running a great school. She oversees ever aspect of the school and has knowledge of everything and every person and child involved with this preschool. She maintains a very clean and safe environment for our children . She has had many years of experience with overseeing preshools and it shows. She has a vast knowledge of education and nurturing of young children. Mostly, Miss Linda portrays a person who truly loves her job! As parents, she helps us to feel safe and secure entrusting our child(ren) in her care and the care of her staff and facility. My husband and I are completely at ease with New Horizons Preschool and we know that not only will our children be ready to enter any type of elementary school; but that they will graduate from this school a strong, independent and caring young person to enter society

-Donald and Lisa Kehoe