Enrichment Programs

Reading Readiness Enrichment

Our highly successful Reading Enrichment program has been designed to expand on the reading/literacy skills covered in our Discoverers program and to expose the children to at least 12 word families, 80+ sight words and inventive spelling. We will practice combining sounds to build words, blends, rhymes and learn to recognize words in decodable books. The majority of their day is spent in small groups with a teacher and in one-on-one time developing new skills taught in a variety of learning styles in preparation for kindergarten entry.

Math/Science Enrichment

The major focus is is on math skills in this enrichment class. A combination of Singapore math and Every Day Math curricula are used to expand the children's knowledge of numeration, measurement, geometry, operations, patterns and function, and data collection. The science aspect of this class is designed to encourage children to ask questions and make predictions, to observe cause and effect, to develop an appreciation for nature and the world in which we live and to learn through hands-on activities, exploration and experiments.