BRIGHT BEGINNERS (Age 2 by 10/1/19)

Our Bright Beginners program is designed to introduce the two to almost three year old child to school. Heavy emphasis is placed on developing social skills, language development, music and movement and large and small muscle activities. We also offer your child a variety of opportunities to develop cognitive concepts which are developmentally appropriate for their age.

Preferred class size is 10 students with 2 teachers maximum class size is 12 students . This class meets W/F unless three days a week is requested and we have enough students.

EXPLORERS (Age 3 by 10/1/19 unless waived by Director)

The Explorers program is designed to meet the developmental needs of children who are three to almost four years of age. Social skills, language development, movement and music activities continue to be important, however more emphasis is placed in this class on cognitive development. The areas of math, literacy , science, social studies and handwriting (Handwriting Without Tears program is used) are always taught at a developmentally appropriate level, while striving to enrich and challenge each child according to their abilities.

Class size is a maximum of 12 students with 2 teachers.

Explorer Classes meet MWF and once these classes are full we offer a T/Th option. (5 days a week is also offered if there is a demand for it).

DISCOVERERS (Age 4 by 10/1/19 unless waived by the Director)

The Discoverers program for 4 to 5 year olds goal is to have the children well prepared for kindergarten entry and its' many challenges. High emphasis is placed on cognitive development in the areas of math, emergent literacy, science and social studies using the Common Core State Standards. We encourage creativity, problem solving, language expression and handwriting skills using the Handwriting Without Tears program. Social skills continue to be important and as always we strive for the children to be challenged and enriched while making sure our classes are developmentally appropriate.


Discoverer Classes meet MWF with two optional enrichment class days on T and Th. (see option descriptions)